Epik Networks was at a crossroads with their online marketing. Their site was outdated and hadn’t been refreshed in years. They set out to rework the site, focusing on the user, branding and obtaining quality leads through digital marketing approach and automation.

  • Created new and improved brand identity and visual style across digital touch points
  • Built a customised content management system (CMS) solution on the HubSpot platform to improve, support and grow Epik Networks digital presence
  • Improved conversion rates and increase number of marketing qualified leads


The Need

We faced a multi-faceted challenge that started with a visual identity and website redesign that changed the entire user experience of corporate and product pages as well as the integration of a CMS backend. We were tasked with building the new website with the Hubspot inbound marketing platform making it easy to use for content creators, sales and marketing staff to improve interaction with potential and current customers as well facilitate lead nurturing efforts.

Once launched we were to help synchronize current sales data with the platform and optimize their digital marketing efforts. Our responsibilities included SEO, PPC and content marketing to attract, nurture and qualify new leads.

The Solution

We created an internal Gobo team dedicated to the project. It was comprised of usability experts and designers, a creative director, developers, content developer and search marketing experts.

The first priority was to segment the audience and organize the content while coming up with a new look that was in line with the company’s vision. We also assessed the current situation and made the necessary preparations to migrate the old website.

For the visual design we maintained the companies colour scheme of black with bright green accensts and created a new pattern library and style guide, code name “Modern Tux”, which utilized shades of grey from dark to light with high contrast colours which would be used to highlight calls to action. Custom illustrations for the different sections of the website and service offerings were created.

We designed and developed a responsive custom website and integrated the Hubspot inbound marketing platform so that they could easily manage and centralize all marketing efforts to attract, nurture and qualify leads. Our build was rooted in a sound SEO and PPC strategy and implemented using best practices.

The Result

The new website is easier to use and maintain. The revamped visual style met client’s expectations and is adopted across all marketing initiatives.

The new site generated an increased number of marketing qualified leads and overall sales. Moreover, we were able to directly attribute new sales back to digital marketing efforts. Organic search saw the greatest contribution to the overall success of the marketing of the site thanks to a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. We were also able to achieve greater efficiencies in their PPC campaign increasing clicks and conversions without increasing the ad budget.

In conclusion, the client was eager to use the new data available to test and validate different design, copy, call-to-action and landing page variations. We will be tasked to continually improve and adjust the site as needed to ensure the best possible conversion rates and user experience.