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Give OAFM an identity and presence online as the leading experts in family mediation
Improve organization administration and operations
Increase membership
Connect mediators with new clients
Get families in need of conflict resolution in touch with a mediator
Create awareness through Public Education

The Need

The OAFM wanted to be able to make it easier to renew memberships with the organization and to communicate with their members effectively. During our discovery we learned about the organizations policies, processes and data sources. We found an outdated process that required users to apply by mail for memberships and accreditation applications. The process was long, slow, difficult to manage and generally inefficient. One of the major side effects was inconsistent, out of date and fragmented member data that is central to member management. The site at the time was not accomplishing anything for the OAFM externally or internally. Information at the heart of the organization was incomplete and major organizational functions were not centralized.
The Solution

The new OAFM website had to provide an easy way for members to sign up and manage their profiles. Automate and simplify processing applications and payments for administration. We also planned to provide ability for administration of training courses and conferences. It was equally important to provide the public with clear information about the organization and the ability to easily locate a mediator.

We decided to create a platform with three distinct areas; an administrative panel for organization managers and administrators, a member portal that empowers members to self-manage their member accounts and a public facing site containing the necessary information for potential members and people looking for mediators or information about the field.

provide an easy way for members to sign up and manage their profiles
automate and simplify processing applications and payments for administration
provide ability for administration to communicate news, training courses, conferences
member data management
provide the public with clear information about the organization
provide the public the ability to easily locate a mediator.

We were able to create a platform that tackled several challenges to reduce workload and improved the daily operations of administration.

Member status monitoring and automation based on OAFM policies
Automated notifications
Automated suspensions
Validation of professional development requirements and insurance
Centralized accurate data – fast searching and reporting
Empower members to self-manage their profiles and accounts

The Result

The Gobo Digital solution streamlined and centralized every aspect of the organization and its various user types. Empowerment of each type was at the center of the robust solution. We were able to increase site usage by over %1000.

We wanted to give the administrators the ability to effectively manage data and efficiently carry out their daily tasks.

Streamlined member management, financial and application processes reducing task by 75%
Gained centralized, up to date, accurate data with fast searching and reporting ability
5% increase in new member sign ups in the first 6 months

The organization has more time and resources to put towards developing the organization and providing more attention and service to both members and the public.

We wanted to give members the ability to manage their own profiles and accounts to reduce the administrative workload, ensure up to date information and to facilitate more interaction with the organization.

Improved communication from administration through emails & Newsletters
Simplified and self managed membership
Increased referrals to mediators from the website
Improved and faster delivery of service and support

The public is able to obtain more information than ever regarding family mediation. We have measured an increase in inquiries from the public that are being handled effectively by the OAFM.

The OAFM is an Ontario wide multidisciplinary association promoting family mediation as the first choice for dispute resolution for families in conflict. They grant accreditation to family mediators who have completed a rigorous program of education, training and internship and is sanctioned by the Ontario provincial government.

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